A View From The Top

gregbuscemeNotice anything different about this issue? How about everything! After many years with Four Star Press, the printer of our good old black-and-white publication, they are no longer in business and we had to seek a new printer for our beloved rag.

With a little research, we found Port Arthur News to print our publication. They published our mag before Four Star, so we were in familiar territory. As luck would have it, editor Andy Coughlan and I went to the publisher and got a great quote. The price was so good we decided it would be a great time to try color! — COLOR!

We rejoiced. No longer did we have to settle for the grey splatters that represent paintings but we could show real hues, giving us unprecedented imagery in our publication.

I know our editor of 14 years appreciates it, I love it, and I hope it opens vistas for you, too.

It sounds like I’m gushing over a small change, but in times when progress is slow, any victory toward advancement is a hard-won battle. So it’s kind of a big deal that we have color and a different format.

I hope you enjoy reading and seeing the new ISSUE as much as we enjoy presenting it to you.

Classes are booming these days. A sharp increase in students at The Studio has teachers jumping as clay classes and life drawing both showed a leap in participation. This has been a trend for a year. We are used to the usual three to five students, not the 15 we are getting now. It all points to the driving need for a creative outlet and having funds to do it.

The decrease in gas prices could have had a positive effect on class participation. Artist win! I don’t know if it’s a trend or a flash in the pan, but I’m excited anytime I have students who want to learn something as fascinating as the arts.

The Sculpture Invitational in March was the brainchild of Elizabeth French who, against her better judgement, chose a gaggle of sculptors — known and unknown — to present an exhibition at The Art Studio. Herding cats is the description of her task at hand. Iron-willed Elizabeth persevered and an art show congealed.

Thanks to all the artists that participated in the show, thanks to the hundreds of people who came to see the show, and a special thanks to Eli for putting together a memorable exhibition. There will be more to come.

Greg Busceme
TASI Director