A View From The Top

gregbWelcome back to the Issue. I hope your summer was as productive as ours.

Along with sweltering to the heat, as all the residents will attest to, they nonetheless persevered in their effort to create art.
Our refurbished exhaust fan on the roof has come back to life thanks to the efforts of a machine shop and Mark Jacobsen, who oversaw the electrical aspect of this project. This fan draws hot air out of the second floor thus giving some relief to our painters. The box is still in need of repair as weather and time has eroded the integrity of the outer sheathing needed to optimize the effect of the fan.

The Studio appreciates the efforts of our volunteers who selflessly give of their time and skills to make the facility a better place.

We had a successful Summer ArtSkool, led by our teachers Joe Winston and John Fulbright, photography; Elizabeth Fontenot, printmaking; Sheila Busceme, drawing and painting; Andy Ledesma, papier maché; and yours truly for ceramics. The children seemed to enjoy themselves and really dived into the lessons, and came out with some impressive work for a short week of creation, topped off by an exhibition of their work.

If you think kids are not as curious, intelligent, creative or savvy as we were, you are badly mistaken. My sample of youth have goals and aspirations and are doing something about it. I would dream but never activate.

Another wonderful thing is that some of the kids were second generation, as their parents also attended events at The Studio in their youth. This points to the generational success of The Studio’s concept of openness and inclusivity.

As a teacher, you have a unique perspective on young people and the interaction is a special one between student and teacher. I feel safe that our children will do as well or better than we are.

Speaking of generations, the “Creatives” descended upon The Studio and bestowed a party fundraiser that did both. “For the Love of Vice” was themed on the movie 1996 movie “Romeo+Juliet” (the one with Leonardo di Caprio) so we all came as Montagues or Capulets. Space Capsule played music all night long as the event featured fashion shows, drag shows, an art auction, an art exhibition, a silent auction and the greatest participants ever!

This was the effort and brainchild of chair Jaime Barclay, along with her partners in crime — or vice — Olivia Busceme, Gina Garcia and Haley Hardin, who pulled together a great event that drew lots of people to make a successful fund raiser that netted us around $3,000. no small change for us.

More importantly there is a new generation who value The Studio and want to contribute to it and use it to advance the arts in wonderful and unique ways. I thank you and all the volunteers and contributors involved in this effort.
It touches me to know that many of the volunteers have grown up at The art studio and now see it as a viable facility to utilize, as artists have done for more than 30 years.

By Greg Busceme
TASI director