A View from the Top – October 2014

From Greg Busceme, TASI Director

We just opened the Tenants exhibition and I couldn’t be more proud of the work the residents produced.

I was also happy to see so many new faces at the opening and pleased that so many old friends came to take a look.

It kicked off our 31st season, and with some 250-plus exhibitions under our belt, I feel that we are giving Southeast Texans something to enjoy, admire, criticize and ponder.

Our exhibitions are and have always been subject to the weather. This does not seem to be a deterrent in any way from people coming to shows as we see good size crowds even in the hot months.             We lucked out Sept. 6 and got a well-timed shower to cool things off. But that warmth does not compare with the warm reception the artists received during the show.

I thank everyone new who came to the show and hope you will return to enjoy the visual arts, as many do regularly.

We are dedicated to exhibiting local artists in the best light possible, and through this process, we encourage artists in the area to continue to sharpen their skills and hone their techniques to create the best art they can possibly make.

I would like to paraphrase something I heard Ross Perot once say, that “a founder does not have to be gifted or intelligent to run his organization, but he must be able to surround himself with gifted and intelligent people.” This is the tenet by which I run the studio.

From Elizabeth French who manages the office with fierce determination, to Andy Coughlan who produces newspapers and invitations for us impeccably and on time, to Olivia Busceme putting together Band Nites and providing a venue for young original talents playing their music publicly for the first time.

From Abbie McLaurin holding life drawing classes that have opened a new vista for aspiring artists — and experienced ones, too — to hone their skills, to Doris Sells Clover holding a Poetry Renaissance every third Thursday evening.

All surround me and make The Studio what it is — an organism consisting of many branches and many leaves, each representing the many people who make this organism not only exist but thrive.

Thanks to everyone who promptly sent in their annual membership. These funds are imperative for the daily operation of the organization and are unencumbered by grant restrictions and limits. Your membership assures you get invitations and the newsletter ISSUE, an important arts magazine for our region.





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