A View from the Top – June 2014

From Greg Busceme, TASI Director

Spring is beautiful this year, cool but not too cool, warm sun but not summer, yet.

This is the time of year that things get done. Repairs on the building, especially the roof corner that has so much water coming in the building, notably in the ceramic class space but elsewhere as well. Time for the ad hoc roof committee to come to the rescue — I’ll be calling soon.

Fans need repairing from the previous long summer, with new belts and bearings and some replacement. Air movement is of primary importance in The Studio in the summer, as we host the summer ARTSkool programs, July 14-25, as well as an increase in adult participation in classes this year. We want to keep everyone as comfortable as possible during the hot afternoons.

Look for new lights in the front of The Studio sometime this summer. Added eye appeal and added safety are two good reasons for the change. We are committed to improving The Studio’s appearance as we improve the operation of this institute of non-academic studies.

We are working on other improvements as well, looking to expand a covered deck out the back of the clay studio for additional storage and work space. It’s getting a little cozy in the clay space and movement is impeded, so expansion is the only answer. Those interested in helping can let us know and we’ll build a crew for each job. It may take a while, but these dreams do come true.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Donna Rae and Axel Wisor who lost their husband and father Jeff on May 12. Jeff was a masterful set director and a magician at creating sets for plays. Soft spoken and reserved, he cared deeply for his students who appreciated him and was loved by all who met him including us at The Art Studio. He will be sorely missed.




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