The Art Studio, Inc. was founded as a non-profit corporation in December 1983 by artists to encourage other artists to practice their disciplines in Southeast Texas. It was envisioned that by addressing the needs of artists in the process of developing their careers, The Art Studio would allow exceptional talent to remain in our region and attract other artists to the area as well. Essential to the needs of artists is a supportive public therefore community outreach has been a primary focus of The Art Studio since its conception. Providing for the most basic needs of artists, The Art Studio makes available affordable studio space and access to equipment for ceramics, painting, foundry, woodworking, and metal work. The Art Studio exhibition space is an engaging alternative to museums and commercial galleries, encouraging the experimental work of living artists as opposed to marketing after the commercial potential has been established. The Art Studio’s education programs are an effective means of community outreach and another source of income for the artists.

Historically, The Art Studio, Inc. has worked cooperatively with many programs and institutions that address the issue of youths-at-risk. The Art Studio, Inc. has a reputation for innovations in the arts as related to the community. Our goal of integrating the arts community with the general public has been an inspiration for other organizations to find ways to reach out into their communities and bring art to those programs that traditionally are not involved in the creative arts. The Art Studio is dedicated to the proliferation of the arts throughout the community.

We feel the arts have a profound effect on the ability of our young people to learn, and as a means to reach people with special needs. Our artists are an important yet underused facet of our society that can make great contributions to our community and raise the quality of life for all.


Founded in 1983, The Art Studio, Inc. is devoted to: providing opportunities for interaction between the public and the Southeast Texas community of artists; furnishing affordable studio space to originating artists of every medium; promoting cultural growth and diversity of all art forms in Southeast Texas; and providing art educational opportunities to everyone, of every age, regardless of income level, race, national origin, sex or religion.


The purpose of The Art Studio, Inc. is to (1) provide educational opportunities between the general public and the community of artists and (2) to offer sustained support for the artist by operating a non-profit cooperative to provide studio space and exhibition space to working artists and crafts people, and to provide an area for group work sessions for those artists and crafts people to jointly offer their labor, ideas, and enthusiasm to each other.


1. To present public exhibitions
2. To provide educational opportunities
3. To provide accessible equipment for artists
4. To provide peer feedback through association with other artists and crafts people


1. To present 10 art exhibitions per year
2. To maintain equipment for artists in a safe working environment
3. To provide better access to artists for the public
4. To offer regularly scheduled adult and children’s classes
5. To develop and maintain public activities with all sectors of the community
6. To develop and maintain equipment to aid artists in their work
7. To provide a display retail outlet for artists
8. To expand programming and activities with increased facility space