Acquae Obscurae: Call for Entries

Invitational Exhibition of epic proportions from the depths of the imaginary “Neches River Chasm”. Opening Reception Saturday, March 1, 7-10pm. Refreshments will be served and the public is invited to attend this free event. This is an art party and costumes or themed attire is encouraged. Curated by Beau Dumesnil, Karen Long Dumesnil and Andy Ledesma.


The Theme:
You have been invited to go on a Scientific Journey on the Research Battle Submarine “Kaiju Maru”. Into the depths of an imagined Neches River Chasm, deeper than the depths of the Marianna’s Trench. Collecting live, dead, & artistic representation of the marine life living in this fantastical location.

Three types of artwork are being sought.
Live specimens: These 3-d works will go into the installation “Aquarium” in the Studio’s Pit area. They should represent living, or make believe organisms. These pieces will be arranged in a layered format from hanging/mobile style down to ground creepers. The “aquarium” will resemble the one at your house, only HUGE (25’x14’)

Dead specimens: Ideally these 3-d pieces will be on pedestals around the gallery and placed in “specimen jars”. Please look for a suitable jar if this is your format option. And think of putting a formaldehyde style brown, clear, or similar fluid in the jar with the creature.

Artistic representation of specimens: 2-D folks this one’s for you. Create a “wall-hanger” in 2-D, or relief, format to make the walls around the studio whole. Pretend these are representations of beasts, kaiju, critters, or mer-folk that we either could not capture, keep onboard, or were too dangerous to bring onboard and back to the surface.


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    Storm Dodds 4 years

    Sounds cool: I will be drawing a 2D, undiscovered deepsea creature.

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