Action – By Ryan Gist


Can you set me up with adjudication?
I haven’t been practicing my multiplication
Don’t pump me full of medication
Or harass me with implications

Every time they lie they use lubrication
So my brain becomes pitter-pattered with complication
Someone take away this intoxication
And fill me up with will and sophistication

Don’t make me work for telecommunications
For I will never have the dedication
I will analyze my spirit and make modifications
So my story will have more qualifications

I’ve already been through the ramifications
And had others decide my classification
I just want more justification and specification
To narrow down and understand my identification

I’m going to take my life and turn it into an abbreviation
So I won’t have to take part in silly initiations

Or get pushed into evacuations
For deprivation of mental stimulation leads to brain masturbation
If you don’t agree then you must be on a different station
And you too will develop random infatuations
But living your life is still an obligation
It matters not the position of your location

Only that you are free of suffocation
Breathe! Clean the warehouse! Liquidation!
I will no longer accept others’ intimidations
Or listen close and ponder words of degradation

Instead I shall give myself a commendation
For getting so good at investigation
I’ll fill my days with jubilation
And be comfortable with isolation

Until one day I randomly receive a revelation
And will no longer accept any stipulations
I’ll take a giant inhalation
Of affirmation and information

I will be there. This is my confirmation
I’m now committed to a reformation

All those thoughts of transformation
Are no longer in hibernation

I’ve found the combination for my destination
And no, I’m not having a hallucination
And I don’t need an examination

I just have a great imagination
A massive sphere of determination
I have realized my emancipation
And I buzz in E major with my intonation

Bang! BOOM! Detonation!
You know that you hold a secret fascination
For the days when everyone starts showing participation
Dancing and singing in liberation with decoration

So everything is good in moderation
And although we are the laziest generation
We still believe in celebration
And there is no limitation

Ryan Gist