Cynthia Grimes

CynthiaGrimesCynthia Grimes is a native of the Golden Triangle and has lived in Orange, Port Neches and Beaumont. An Art Studio tenant for 19 years, she has been designing and making pottery since 1997.

Discovering the craft of Pottery in 1997 has kept her busy. She says, “The Centrifugal force and gravity works against us as potters. It keeps me grounded and muddy!”

Grimes make functional stoneware pottery and decorative pieces. The stoneware pottery is made with food safe glazes. They are fired twice, with the bisque fired at 1850 degrees and Glaze fired at  2232 degrees. All of her stoneware pieces are lead free, food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Each piece is thrown on the wheel or hand built.

Grimes says she is always learning and tries to make each piece special. She considers it a great privilege to make pottery that people will enjoy using in their homes for years to come, and hopes that collectors will enjoy her work as much as she enjoys creating it.

Grimes’ work is on sale at The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, and at the Beaumont Farmers Market most Saturdays.

For more, visit the Txcyn pottery Facebook page.

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