Displaced Souls

Tallent’s BAL nude art show focuses on dimensions in space

GREENSPACE, 2012 by Richard Tallent

The human body is difficult to photograph in terms of physical presence. Photographs are flat. Everyone knows that.

But Richard Tallent isn’t a run-of-the-mill photographer, and he does anything but take traditional, two-dimensional photographs.

President of the Beaumont Art League board of directors, Tallent’s new exhibition “Displacement of the Soul” explores the nude as a “volume in space.”

“This exhibition actually focuses on the horizon between the body and the universe at large,” Tallent said. “Looking at that relationship is an analog, also, for the spirit’s relationship to the universe — the way the body not just occupies space, but is protruding into it, displacing it, disturbing it.

“I’m looking at the body being a very physical presence, which is a difficult thing to do with photography because it’s flat. I’m trying to emphasize volume — sort of like what you would see more with sculpture.”

By relating the body to a specific external space — an elevator car, on the beach or underwater — Tallent creates photographs where the figure truly appears to occupy three-dimensional  space.

“The idea is to enhance the perception of the figure intruding on the space, just like if you were standing in front of someone,” Tallent said. “I’m planning to mount the artwork several inches away from the wall, and it’s not going to be framed — it’s not behind glass. So it’s kind of more in your face — not locked up behind glass inside of a frame behind a mat. It has more presence in the gallery itself, not just the space inside the photograph.”

“Displacement of the Soul” will feature roughly 20 never-before-seen pieces. Working with volunteer models, Tallent wants to show that every body is beautiful.

“I take volunteers in all ages, genders and sizes,” he said. “One of the things I’m planning on putting in the show is a piece that is kind of commenting on the idea that art modeling is not just for skinny, busty, Playboy- or fashion-type models. It is egalitarian art form.”

Tallent specified that while his exhibition is a nude show, it’s for all ages.

“It’s nudes, but it’s kid friendly,” he said. “There’s definitely nothing terribly explicit or erotic about it.”

“Displacement of the Soul” will be on display at the Beaumont Art League Sept. 7-28. An opening reception will be Sept. 7 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Of course, there’s going to be another show opening in the other gallery at the Art League on the same night, which is a group show,” Tallent said. “So you’ll be able to see not just my art but the three other artists. The Tenants Show is also opening the same night at The Art Studio, Inc. Come see my show, see the group show, see the Tenants Show — come see it all. Make a night of art about it.”

The Beaumont Art League is located at 2675 Gulf St. in Beaumont. Admission is free.

For more information, visit www.beaumontartleague.org.


Story by Chelsea Henderson, ISSUE Contributor
Issue Magazine – September 2013 


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