High Street Gallery to host Allison Reho, Nov. 7

Painting by Allison Reho

The High Street Gallery will host an exhibition of watercolor self-portraits by Allison Reho, 7-10 p.m., Nov. 7. The gallery is located in Victoria House, 2110 Victoria St. in Beaumont.

“High Street Gallery is committed to spotlighting up-and-coming Southeast Texas artists,” Olivia Busceme, gallery director, said.

Entry is free and the work will be for sale. Refreshments will be provided at the event.

Reho, a Beaumont native and Lamar University alumna, has created a series of paintings that impose the artist’s self-evaluation.

“My own physical being is the source of imagery entirely throughout this body of work,” she said. “The work is a reflection not just of the physical self, but how the internal self — who I am and how I deal with outside influences — manifests exteriorly.

“Self-image is how one views herself, whether in positive or negative light. Self-image is the obsessiveness of which side one teeters on within those boundaries of positive and negative realms. Within these different lights she is revealed in different shades, tones, and values — where one thought might reign heavier than another.

Reho said some of her influences are Van Gogh’s self-portraits and Alexander Calder’s “Circus.”

“All the little annoyances that may occur with the finicky material become crucial to the whole art — expressing how it should evolve, they provide other issues to face, though not created by the artist, I now create the solution,” she said. “This thought is rooted in Dadaism, or perhaps in some hope that we do not have a say on everything created.

“When one can look at herself in the mirror without only noticing her imperfections, but can really look at herself and enjoy knowing herself, then she will find happiness in her being. ”

For more information, email victoriahousetx@gmail.com, or visit the High Street Gallery Facebook page or www.nakeddads.com.