‘Mobile Pop Up Art Show’ to feature Adair Stephens

The Skeptic by Adair Stephens

The Skeptic by Adair Stephens

Ad Hoc Beaumont will bring the first mobile pop-up art show to Beaumont. Inspired by the success of food trucks, Ad Hoc Beaumont is taking art out of the galleries and into the streets on April 7 with Beaumont’s first mobile pop-up show.

“We want to help people think about art in different ways and reach more communities of people, especially the young and old that may not have access to local art spaces,” Michael Mason, founding member of Ad Hoc Beaumont, said.

“Art communities can sometimes become insular. Our goal here is to open things up by providing information about other locations in the city where art can be seen and explored. It’s like the food truck, but with none of the calories.”

The free mobile art show, which features the work of Houston artist Adair Stephens, will visit multiple surprise locations throughout Beaumont on April 7. Locations will be announced throughout the day on Ad Hoc Beaumont’s Facebook events page. 

The mobile exhibition will end the day at a convenient location for First Thursday festivities, at the corner of MLK Parkway and Calder Avenue across from the Mildred Building at Tint Works, 510 N. MLK Parkway.

Stephens will present a series of wall-mounted paintings, drawings and fiber art. 

“I use painting as a vehicle to explore worlds that are creepy, uncanny, macabre and paranormal,” he said. “The portraits I create provide a glimpse into lives once lived in these alternate realities and

fictional universes. Images from both art history and pop culture serve as interchangeable and equally potent source material.”

Stephens received a BFA from Baylor University in 2010 and MFA from California College of the Arts in 2012. His paintings, drawings, and fiber art have been exhibited across the United States and in Ukraine. He has given lectures and artist talks at several Houston art spaces including DiverseWorks, Lawndale Art Center, and post-studio projects. In addition to being an artist, he is also an art educator and has taught for Houston Community College and the Houston Independent School District.

For more information on where to find the mobile pop-up show throughout the day, visit Ad Hoc Beaumont on Facebook, or email adhocbeaumont @gmail.com.

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