An Exhibit highlighting a variety of member’s work – April 6 – 27, 2013 

It’s time once again for the unpronounceable exhibition that aims to showcase the diverse works of The Art Studio’s membership.

Tasimjae 2012

A sizeable crowd turned out for TASIMJAE 2012. The exhibition, which features art created by members of The Art Studio, is always an eclectic collection, which showcases a diversity of the artists’ works.

TASIMJAE (The Art Studio, Inc. Members Jurored Art Exhibition) will be on display through April 27, beginning with a free reception April 6, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

TASI director Greg Busceme said the show is an important part of The Studio’s mission.

“It’s two-fold,” he said. “We get people to show work they haven’t shown before, and we are also interested in getting new memberships.”

Entry to the show is free with TASI membership.

“We just encourage people to come in and get a membership, and turn in two pieces,” Busceme said. “You can join when you drop off the work. Just come in and we’ll take care of you.”

Busceme said that the community arts organizations in the area share a vision to encourage artists of all ages, skill levels and experience to show their art.

“It gives us a nice cross section of the artwork that’s going on in the region right now,” he said. “I think the Beaumont Art League and Texas Artists Museum also serve that purpose.”

This year’s juror is Megan Young, director of the Dishman Art Museum on the Lamar University campus.

Busceme said that TASIMJAE offers area artists a chance to get some feedback. TASIMJAE is a jurored show, which means some work will not be accepted.

“It kind of goes against the idea of ‘everybody gets a medal,’” Busceme said. “But life isn’t like that. Not everybody gets a trophy. It’s important for young artists to learn that rejection is not a terrible thing — it’s a growing thing.

“I say this every year. You might get a piece rejected from one show and have the same piece get a first prize at the next. It’s all up to the jurors and their different tastes.”

Busceme said The Studio always tries to bring in jurors from different areas and from different fields, so that each year’s show is an open field.

Jurors have come from as far afield as Houston, Galveston and Lake Charles.

“We have a variety — that way, nobody gets bumped every time,” he said.

The artwork is judged blind, meaning the juror doesn’t see names until after the completing his selection.

“We’ve had very young people place in our show, which I think is phenomenal,” Busceme said. “It’s interesting to see what the jurors respond to and who they pick, especially as they don’t know who’s out there.”

Busceme said that he encourages artists of all ages to enter shows.

“A piece of art that is not shown is worthless,” he said. “You have to present it. You can’t write a poem and not give it to someone to read. You need to share your art, or it’s just a waste of that energy.”

Busceme said that people should not see rejection from a show as a rejection of the value of the work.

“It’s great for the ego when it doesn’t get massaged,” Busceme said with a laugh. “It makes you work harder and appreciate the new artists who are coming up.”

The winner of TASIMJAE receives $100 and a solo show at The Studio in May 2014. Cash prizes are also awarded for second and third place.

Last year’s winner was Amy Faggard. Look for a feature on her upcoming show in next month’s ISSUE.

For more information, contact TASI at 409-838-5393.

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Story by Andy Coughlan