Providing for the most basic needs of artists, The Art Studio makes available affordable studio space and access to equipment for ceramics, painting, foundry, wood working and metal work. With several artists now in residence at our facility, peer feedback and equipment access have become very important to our work in the community of artists. The combination of these elements bridges the gap between the academic institution and surviving as an independent artist.

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Maurice Abelman
John Alexander
Barbara Allamon
Lisa Baumer
Greg Busceme
Andy Coughlan
Stephen Derrick
Dana Dorman
Beau Dumesnil
Karen Dumesnil
Elizabeth Fontenot
Elizabeth French
Gina Garcia
Suzanne Garrett
Cynthia Grimes
Nathan Jones
Sandra Laurette
Abigail McLaurin
Rhonda McNally
Alex Murphy
Yolanda Perez
Rhonda Rodman
Stephen Scales
Gabe Sellers
Kailee Viator
Joe Winston
Sue Wright



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