Turning Up The Heat


Iron pour raises funds for LU art department


More than 1,100 pounds of iron were dumped into the furnace, and an expectant crowd of almost 50 shielded themselves from the intense heat as they waited for the students and faculty to pour molten metal into 70 molds, May 2, at Lamar University. Visiting artists Hans Molzberger, from Houston Baptist University, Jeffery Brewer and Lauren McAdams, from Stephen F. Austin University, and Dewayne Hughes from the University of Texas-Tyler, joined faculty, students and alumni for the pour. The iron was melted at 2600 degrees, and when the iron was fully melted, the bott — a clay plug — was broken and liquid metal ran into the ladle, as sparks flew around the facility. Teams of students, wearing heavy protective gear, poured the iron into the molds, which were bought and designed by visitors of all ages as part of the fundraiser. After half an hour, the metal had cooled enough for the molds to be broken open and the scultures were doused with water. It was hot work, but everyone agreed the resulting artworks were “cool.”

ISSUE photo story by Jac’Quor Williams and Andy Coughlan

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