View from the Top February 2015

gbuscemeHoping everyone had a joyous holiday season. Holiday for whom? Good question! Nonetheless, hoping yours was a happy one.

Studio activity was relegated to the Shop-O-Rama and thank you to everyone who came by to shop.

We had a exciting assortment of unique gifts made right here in Southeast Texas. Our added entertainment, the Disco-rama, was a big success and we danced until midnight to the tunes and show of Space Capsule.

Ultimately, most every artist sold some work, got to meet new people and reinforced the notion that what we make has value, esoterically and commercially.

Jan. 24 will be the opening of a Studio group show in Leesville, La. We were invited by Oneellleven Gallery director Tony McDonald to fill in a January spot and provide interesting inspiration to the art enclave there. We are loaded up at this writing to go in the morning to set up.

Leesville is a family town for me. Many of my Fertitta and Culotta family come from here so it is with a little nostalgia that I go to this town and remember all the family and parties, weddings and, yes, funerals, too.

Our memories and our hearts go out to the family and many friends of Robert Martinez who passed away Jan. 6.

Roberto, as I called him, was an avid supporter of the arts. A regular at art openings, Bandnites and fund raisers, Robert always had a good hug for all his friends. With a smile and good nature that beamed across a room, Robert was surrounded with people who loved him and he had the ability to love all of them back. Rest in peace, my friend.

Studio classes and workshops get back in the rhythm of things. Along with my clay classes on Saturdays, 10 a.m. to noon, on Mondays we have self-directed life drawing from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Want to express yourself in other ways? Try Poetry Renaissance every third Thursday.

Want to hear some music you’ve never heard before? We have Bandnite Jan. 31 with some of your favorite local originating musicians you’ve never heard. You’ll be glad you showed up.

What would Feb. 7 be without our first show of the new year? We are in our 30th season and who better than the bug girl, Kailee Viator, to kick off the new year with a great show.

Start priming those canvases, firing those kilns and rolling the presses. TASIMJAE, our annual membership show, is right around the corner! Shake off the cold and get to work making something fantastic! The best thing about TASIMJAE is all the new work we get to see and the great people we get to meet. And don’t forget: cash prizes and a one-person show for the top prize. If you’ve never entered, what are you waiting for? Everyone starts somewhere and The Studio show will get you participation and feedback on your work (the good kind).

Yes, you are taking a chance, but there is no down side. You are not punished for not getting in. We get a third-party juror whose interest it is to put together a good show. On another day they could pick a whole other show, so you don’t have to take it personally, unless you like the angst.

Eli is sending our membership renewals to all our due members. Don’t forget to send her something back. She’ll appreciate it and so will I.


By Greg Busceme