View from the Top – November 2014

The first few cool days have stemmed the tide of the heat of summer, giving some relief to all who have endured the hell on earth that is the second floor.

If not for rain, which we had in abundance, temperatures would have been worse. That’s how it is in the real world, air conditioning is optional but it’s not your option!

What makes me feel good is watching all these artists working in the heat — not just working in it but accepting it, working through it till the heat is nothing more than a nuisance — not a force to stop all creativity but a blip on their screen.

One day we may get A/C in the studios, but I don’t think it will change the artist’s work habits.

Creativity is independent of your desire to make something. No matter how hot or how cold it is, or how perfect it is, when creativity and desire come together we go and make something! This is what being an artist is about.

Health-wise, it is arguably safer to have open air/fresh air studios than A/C for painters and ceramicists. A/C filters do not stop the minute particles of silica (clay) that float invisibly in the air. Returning air will bring all the fine silica particles right back to go inside your lungs. These particles are so small they are not affected by gravity, can go through water without getting wet and will pass by mucus or cilia and go right in your bronchia staying there forever. Prolonged exposure to these particles will cause respiratory problems. Many university instructors have silicosis for this very reason. So I am glad we are too poor to get A/C, it probably saved some of our lives.

A long story for sour grapes wasn’t it?

My apologies to Dorothy Sells Clover. I mistakenly called her Doris in my last View from the Top. Dorothy generously spearheads the Poetry Renaissance every third Thursday at The Art Studio and we greatly appreciate her participation.

Thanks to everyone who are sending in their memberships for the coming year. These funds help maintain supplies and material for studio operations like our new outdoor lighting, kiln repair and maintenance.