Volunteers vital to TASI’s health

TASI volunteer coordinator Caitlin Duerler works to prepare The Studio's garage sale.

TASI volunteer coordinator Caitlin Duerler works to prepare The Studio’s garage sale.

The Art Studio, Inc. is seeking volunteers for its openings and for other activities.

Caitlin Duerler, TASI volunteer coordinator, started volunteering after moving home to Beaumont after living in Paris.

“I have always been interested in art, but while I was out of the country, I really developed a love for contemporary art,” she said. “Moving back, I felt like I had to become more involved with the art scene in my community so I started doing stuff with TASI and I made friends and become more and more involved.”

Duerler said there is a variety of tasks to suit anyone’s schedule.

“I started helping with life drawing — I would bring clean sheets for the model every week,” she said. “A couple months ago, I joined the board and have been serving as the volunteer chair. Alongside a couple of other board members, we facilitate volunteer days to update the studio and make it a more functional place.

“We have cleaned and organized the studio as well as regularly help prep the wall for works to be hung and get the space ready for different events such as Band Nite and the Garage Sale. We are currently repainting and freshening up other parts of the studio including the classroom.”

Volunteer meetings are held once a month for specific facilities improvement projects, Duerler said.

“However, we always need volunteers to assist with opening receptions and working the door at Band Nite and different functions thoughout the year,” she said. “We organize through our TASI Volunteer Facebook page, so people who would be interested in lending a hand can join the group and be informed of meet-up days that way.”

Duerler said that apart from “the warm fuzzy feeling inside” she gets from volunteering, she sees it as a way to support the artists who work at The Studio.

“The tenants are living artists and The Studio provides them a sanctuary,” she said. “I feel like the work we do shows them that we are appreciative of their talents and we want to help make their home more reflective of their caliber of artist.”

It is important that volunteers know their input is valued and welcome, Duerler said.

“Many of our most recently completed projects came about through casual conversation,” she said. “One project I am looking forward to working on is reorganizing our reference library which is an amazing resource with lots of catalogs, books and magazines on art. It will probably take twice as long to complete that project because I am sure to start flipping through books.”

To volunteer, call 838-5393, or visit the TASI Volunteers­­­ Facebook page.