Where’s the best place to get your gifts? TASI, that’s where!

THE ANNUAL HOLIDAY SHOP-O-Rama Extravaganza, hosted by the Art Studio Inc., will begin at noon, Dec. 6. The event will include a free reception from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., followed by a holiday disco party.

“This is an opportunity for local artists to exhibit their work and connect with the community,” Abigail McLaurin, Art Studio tenant, said. “The community can buy original artwork at a very affordable price, and support someone’s passion and what they are doing. Customers should expect a great time. Most art events are social events, so they should just come to enjoy art and each other.”

Instead of buying a painting for hundreds of dollars at a store, patrons will be able to buy oneof- a-kind gifts made locally that are affordable.

“We are a pretty good venue and people have faith in what we do,” Greg Busceme, executive director, said. “So what happens here is more people are starting buying our artwork which is very important when it comes to credibility. It makes people want to come back every year.”

Tenants and members of The Studio will display their wares through Dec. 20. The Shop-ORama will also feature vendors from around the area who will exhibit on Dec. 6 only.

“We are going to have some set up for the twoweek duration of the show,” organizer Elizabeth French said. “When Christmas comes up, I usually shut the show down about a week before. Shop-ORama has been a success, but it’s becoming competitive because our event lasts for two weeks and the vendors have many other places they can sell their products.

“Our solution to that will be allowing vendors to come in and set up for that night. We understand the fact it is Christmas shopping season, so that’s why we came up with the one-day option. The one-day option will make it more flexible for the vendors come share their stuff as well. Some vendors also leave some of their stuff at The Studio, and we sell it for them so customers will not miss out on anything.”

The Shop-O-Rama will run until 5 p.m., Dec. 6, and will continue with a free reception beginning at 7 p.m. that evening, which will feature music and other entertainment.

“We know a lot of people besides visual artists, like theater artists and musicians,” French said. “So we are trying to get together a short performance of some sort by them. We will also have people from KVLU’s Space Capsule doing a visual and musical Disco dance party.”

French said that she hopes people will come and support the local artists in the sale.

“What we are trying to do is have a better participation from the community,” she said. “Since it is Christmas shopping, we want to have a Christmas party the first day. It would be like the first party of the season. There will be Christmas music playing and the studio will be decorated. We are having holiday-themed desserts.

“We want people to dress festively, like dressing up like elves or just simply wearing a Christmas sweater. The cheesier the better.” The Art Studio is located at 720 Franklin in downtown Beaumont.


Story by: Desimond Martin